Let’s add extension

The Tracker.Casino Extension for Google Chrome manages the data you create while playing slots.

The extension is required to take full advantage of the features of Tracker.Casino.

Step 1: Download

download step 1
  1. Click Download Tracker.Casino button.
  2. Select the folder to save the installation file to your personal computer.

Step 2: Set up

download step 2
  1. After downloading, open the folder. Unpack it in a convenient place for you.
  2. Run the Google Chrome browser and go to the settings (three dots in the upper right corner).Run the Google Chrome browser and go to the settings (three dots in the upper right corner).
  3. Select the “More Tools” section and go to “Extensions”.
  4. To download the Tracker.Casino extension, go to “Developer Mode”. This way you will be able to download files from the Tracker-Casino-chrome-extension folder where you have unpacked the archive (“Download unpacked folder”).

Step 3: Start the extension

download step 3

Click on the extension icon located on the browser bar. You need to go through a few simple steps to start the Tracker.Casino:

  1. Sign up for Tracker.Casino.
  2. By clicking on the extension, enter the email address you provided during registration.
  3. Log in and start the console.

* do not delete the folder from which you downloaded the Tracker.Casino extension for Google Chrome. Removing the files in the folder will break the tracker.

Now you can keep track of your own online casino game statistics without losing any useful information!
If you need more information or have any difficulties with the download, you can contactsupport.