Tracker.Casino works fully automatically, you won't have to guess which casino games have the best chance of winning.

Accurate data tracking

With Tracker.Casino you can track your financials in convenient tables and charts. The information is updated in real-time, so you can see any changes instantly. The console displays information about different slots and casinos - from RTP to more complex mathematical data.

Does not require any action from the players

Tracker.Casino works fully automatically. You do not need to enter any data in the database. The background extension reads all indicators in real-time using information from your browser.

General data

Now you won't have to guess which casino games have the best chance of winning. You can study the community data and make your own conclusions about which slots and board games have the highest chances of winning, how often bonus games are launched, how high the theoretical return rate is. You can also compare your performance with other players.

Expenses Monitoring

Tracker.Casino tracks and records all your bets and winnings. Using the expense panel, you can determine the ratio of winnings to losses, evaluate the most successful game sessions, the best slots and casinos.

Detailed Logs

Data on each rotation on slots and bets in the casino are recorded in a log of complete information. Here you can find betting details, winnings, casino bonuses and other useful information. The data can be exported to Excel and uploaded to your computer.

Fast login

You can access all the necessary information collected by Tracker.Casino. To access the web platform, you only need to log in to your account. The extension is compatible with all devices - from PC to smartphone.

Volatility is no longer a secret

For every online casino gambling games is now available the volatility parameter. Tracker.Casino estimates this parameter on a scale from 1 to 20, describing the frequency and size of possible winnings. This is one of the most accurate metrics available after collecting spin data.

Wagering rating

If you have taken advantage of the casino bonus, the Wagering Rating function will help you assess how useful the selected slot is for wagering conditions. This metric helps you choose the best game to fill as soon as possible with the highest chance of winning.

Absolute safety

The security of user data is our top priority. In order to ensure that your information is securely stored, we secure it with SSL certificates of the highest level. We use cryptographic signatures to ensure that all data comes directly from the user and has not been distorted or corrupted during transmission. The data obtained during the game is stored in a secure database. The personal data of each user is encrypted and cannot be accessed by third parties.

Community data for controlling the game

When choosing a slot, we often guided by the brand, poster, trust the proposed casino games. However, to take control of the game, we often do not have enough information about the statistics of certain slots.

These communities allow us to study the frequency of winnings in various casino games. You can also compare your results with the average figures of the entire gaming community. This way, you can conclude how fair the game you choose. You can find out:

  • RTP percentages;
  • Average winnings;
  • How often bonus rounds are triggered and how often bonus symbols appear.

Learn the statistics of money games and improve your game, make the slots really profitable!

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